About Us


Our aims and objectives:
L&T Patient Transport Services was established following extensive research with patients, hospital staff and hospital transport services, which highlighted a gap in patient transportation.
From my experience of working in Accident and Emergency (previous Ward manager for an Acute ward and working in the community with the Crisis Resolution and Home treatment Team as a Senior Mental Health Practitioner), access to transport was causing a huge delay in triaging patients and discharging patients’ to their respective homes or last destinations.
With L&T Patient Transport Services, we are hoping to remove some of the bottle necks in signposting patients to appropriate places at the right time and right places. Hence create a 20 % increase access to hospital beds and subsequently supporting our colleagues to work in a less stressful environment and create more smooth patient flow in all departments.
L&T patients transport services provides patients with transport from hospital to their destinations for example escorting patient with non-threatening illness to their homes or care homes or to their nearest hospital. (From our experience, admission to a psychiatric ward or a medical ward can be very daunting , especially if not escorted by your loved ones , at L&T you can be reassured that you will be treated with respect and supported throughout your journey until to you arrive at the point of your destination.
L&T staff will offer their expertise in reassurance, psychological support through the observation of certain behaviours and ensure that your needs are being met.
Views from a patient:
People reported that they did not want to be lying on stretcher bed and they wanted to be at home.
Their experience of waiting in casualty was not very nice. People had to wait for a long time to be sent home (where they waiting for transportation?).
Other questions which are frequently asked to our colleagues in the NHS
How would you feel if you had to wait for transport for long hours? We understand that the importance of being on time. Therefore from morning to night were dedicated to providing a service which is not only trustworthy with time but is also reliable, secure and supportive.

We operate a fleet of accessible mini-buses, all of which have adaptable seating arrangements to suit varying needs (i.e. number of wheelchair passengers) equipped with passenger lifts.

Our service’s legal entity:
L&T patient transport services is registered as a limited Company in United Kingdom. As a newly established service we aim to cover the Berkshire area and expand to other counties in the UK. Trading will only take place in United Kingdom.
Our company registration number is 09553545 –

The places where services are provided
Accident &Emergency Department, acute general hospital, GP’s and ambulance services.
Here at L&T Patient Transport Services our team of drivers and staff are dedicated to delivering supportive patient transport to the highest professional standard. Our clinical experience ensures our patients are always cared for throughout their journeys. We will be operating the services 24 hours per day • 365 days per year.